Channeling "Human ego. The history of the emergence and deployment mechanism in man"

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Q .: What is the nature of the mechanism of the ego? This mechanism is designed specifically for mankind or it was introduced from the outside?

P .: I show a flask in the form of gray ... ... as a fluid, information-energetic substance, and, apparently, this is the rudiment of the program, which is now referred to as the "ego". And it looks like a small torpedo filled with something similar to an ink liquid consisting of moving streams, then it acquired a concrete form. It's hard to say yet, she was brought or created specifically for Humanity project, but the beginnings, when the project was planned and intended the concept of "human souls", etc. - This structure looked like.

Q .: How does the human ego, its mechanism is related to the software layer of karma inkarnatsionnoy human cell? Is there a structure in the near-Earth space, which would need to be considered in relation to this matter?

P .: ego structure, a rudimentary mechanism indicated above, initially has its alternate location, karma is a program structure is a mechanism inkarnatsionnyh cells. It is located in near-Earth space, as information and energy field, which is a cone-shaped structure. The field, which "holds" the mankind at a certain frequency. This field consists of one "ink liquid" which, ultimately, the software has acquired "rigidity", form and function.

Those. to say that the ego and the mechanism of its breed - the only mechanism within the human, it would be incorrect. This structure is to bring to the Atlantean level to stabilize the earth, to stabilize the mind, and to ensure that human consciousness could evolve.

While the experiments were carried out over the materialization of consciousness, giving it alternative material forms, and at this level was introduced this structure. It just kept its field frequency and helped to acquire new forms of consciousness. But in the end the experiment somewhat turned the other party, and this form - the support of the mind, of consciousness - began to work in a different range than it originally intended at Atlanta.

Began to interact with a range of lower nature, and pure, materialized consciousness which initially offered (which exists outside of the human form, out of his body ... and it is a continuation of his life), it has turned into a structure that has become isolated on the man himself.

Then adjust to the frequency of the chakras 1-3, it was a unique structure of consciousness, but in the opposite way. And now, the human ego structure - it antiphase free mind, which was to exist outside of the human body, and it lies deep within the human body, at the level of 1-3 chakra performs the reverse, introverts function. Also performs a "reverse" function relative to consciousness, it closes it. It is a barrier that, in the end, a person need to disclose cross. Display it with an introvert extravert structure, with the circuit structure of consciousness on the disclosure of the structure of consciousness, exploring it with the other hand.

Figuratively it can be described as the flower that bowed his head and closed up, and the flower have to raise your head, open your bud and if it would be correct to think up, choose the visual image.

In addition, this structure is in the form of a cone before - shimmering torpedoes, it is in the near-Earth space, always to the left, your awareness, when you leave the body when you watch any structures. It is to the left, its potential is arranged so that it can exist with respect to the field have only in this way. It is autonomous, it feeds itself from itself. Itself supports and highlights the field of a certain color and frequency.
With regard to its objectives - the average is taken a point from which a plurality of moving vectors. And every person passing reincarnation must pass a certain number of these vectors - subjects, characteristics, reactions, affecting the movement of the soul in a constructive or destructive development, certain quality developments ..... And this structure, plus mechanism, shutting inside the human mind and body, it is just the developer of each of the vectors.

It is the point of the desired contact, "string", to which touches every storyline, reaction and interaction with the world. Those. This mechanism gives the averaged color frequency, filter barrier, which stains every storyline.

And the hard, cone-shaped frame at resonance with plot lines, modified (color, density, energy-filling). Content provided by thousands of other linear story and, every second passes through a lot of information.

The result - if we are talking about a program of karma, as a generator of the storyline, tasks, it is somewhat separate. The mechanism that we describe - is a deterrent frequency, color of storylines. This external mechanism resonating with the person turns into a mechanism for the field - the ego.

Q .: When the soul comes into the human body, how the ego program becomes active? In what period of fetal development is going on?
P .: On the 3 rd, 4 th week begins interaction with the field, the first contact, but that contact is negligible, it calculates the potential mother and what is happening with its physical and energetic support. And on the 17th, 18th week, get the 4th, 5th month, in the interval, when formed fetus, to the extent that is necessary for building energy frame, laying the mind is calculated karmic program of past incarnations, the current task incarnation - the mechanism is shown.

And field external mechanism, at this moment, the interval between the 4th and 5th month integrates replica of itself, a tapered torpedo blueberry color. The field is part of the amount - from the first chakra to the fourth chakra - in the fetal level and, in principle, if, say, at this point nothing particularly emergency does not happen, then the 5th month is already the month when the child is already eligible for the future existence is most likely in a toga, is already born. And 5-6 month being tested, and the 7 th month already while vysheoboznachennyh structure survives, and we can, in principle, they say, if you need urgent delivery, then at this moment, 7-8 months, the baby can be displayed on the shine.

The main energy complex, the main power envelope, complex brain and the computer software system - he comes a little earlier in the fruit goes along the line of the 7th chakra of inkarnatsionnoy cell, integrated, and the child forms the framework of the energy content.

And in between the 4 th and 5 th month is karmichsskoe filling, and just layering the future consciousness - in the form of the structure.

Channel: Teachers Noosphere
Mediator: fartran


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