Channeling "Human ego -2- deployment mechanism in man, and the formation of personality"

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Q .: Does the existence of man without ego is possible in this current form?
P .: moot point, because you have to understand that the structure itself, in the near-Earth space (which was mentioned in the previous text - editor's note.) That supports this frequency, is always there, and it produces a certain field. You are in a single structure of Earth-humanity, and any field you perceive as a receiver. And, in any case, the structure of which we spoke, it produces, at the moment of conception, a copy of itself, so you find the response to external factors, with this mechanism, the ego and always will be.

So far, the Creator does not change the current system of the universe and the laws by which your project unfolds Earth-humanity. Those. visibly to have this structure, in any case, it is still. And this structure is inscribed in the general karma of the Earth, and it is also a lever narrowing of consciousness, on the frequencies needed at the moment, so it is virtually impossible to live without it. You would not be able to resonate with the common frequencies, and such a thing as a "person", would be different: your mind, personality and sense of self - would have been different.

Q .: How is the formation of individual human ego to the current incarnation?
P .: When the ego structure is part of the future fruit at 1-4 chakra, it continues to be a standard field. Then, once it enters into resonance with the fruit, which begins to build his field, software system, if the external field is a standard "blueberry color", is painted in the mechanisms of human identity problems. It connects with the following programs of man: the soul program, the program of karma - everything that a person intended to this embodiment. It is also activated at the same moment the program potential maximum impact point, as well as program the maximum point height, spiritual and energy that a person can achieve (meaning analogue indicators Lilith and Lulu, if, for example, take astrology system that identifies the program, natal human map - editor's note)..

All this turns the ego structure, since it is its direct sphere of influence. Then this whole complex is attached to the personality mechanism narrows a person's attention, in the framework of the frequencies that it ugotovlena, by default. Ego is precisely regulates the mechanisms of the maximum points in the negative, to the maximum point of a plus - the potential of human capabilities, as well as in terms of his consciousness, what will attract the attention of a person throughout his life.

When everything is connected in a single whole, a man painted this complex program, and then incorporated into the structure of the human primary energy shell, with all its subtle bodies, and the lower ring the host computer.

picture analogue host computer, the lower ring, when viewed from above, with the 7 chakras

Near egg shell becomes the active layer in the middle of the three main layers of the subtle bodies. In the host computer - a second plate of the lower ring.

There are copies of programs that govern the entire mechanism ego deployed in addition to the individual. They are located on the longitudinal lines parent complex. If the lower ring of the host computer to pick up a visual image of the analog, the suitable image of a flower, or hours. If you take the watch, the copies of the software are at the level of "ten minutes", "twenty minutes", "twenty minutes" and "ten minutes" and then "ten minutes" again on a new depth.

Then comes the synchronization across the main energy shell and the host computer, a cell of human karma, in the near-Earth space - the noosphere through the beam of 7 chakras, which extends upward. Ray takes and gives, and the person has a permanent addition, with respect to their karmic tasks in this energy exchange.

Those. for example, a person enrolled in any way while in a constructive or destructive way, in the dominant sub-personalities, in a narrowing of consciousness in the plus or minus sign, and it is recorded on the main power envelope, then transferred to host computer, remained on the lower ring information Submitted to spitsevidnye structure of the host computer.

Then they gathered energy from the clot, which is left on the beam 7 chakras in inkarnatsionnuyu cell in the noosphere. There is recalculated situation at the moment, as the person will do next, is checked against the intention of the person, and information and energy potential actions and the future, on the basis of human choice, is sent back to the host computer, again along the line, again it goes to home wrapped with thin bodies, again absorbed, for example, in the chakra system at the level of 1-3 chakra, which is attached human ego and the range of frequencies at which the person lives.

Thus, because it receives its complex ego i.e. it itself knows how to continue to behave, because it has painted every second choice of the person, his level of consciousness, and is supported by energy and information from the cell. The ego is connected with the body of emotions, body, mind, and itself already knows what to do next. He formed the program, and at the level of the main envelope, then formed the mind, the body and emotions, so to speak, the body consciousness as we call it, that is, All these are different structures that are formed only then quintessence of mathematical calculation and the current human situations.

Thus, a person begins to form their minds and their behavior, and to carry out their karmic task. Those. there is a constant verification at the point of consciousness in the plus or minus, there is a constant verification at the level of constructiveness / destructiveness, at the level of karmic problem, the soul of the program, and, so to speak, is supported from the inside, the outside of the cell is maintained. All this is often recalculated per second. The pulse passes through all these stages, often at the moment. The man behind the second may fall spiritually, and get inspiration, all counted, will be held the stage in seconds. In this and in another case, the ego will fix its condition. For this purpose it exists, including.

Q .: How does the ego in man with the soul of a composite, for example, when a two-part soul: and constructive and destructive. Are there any differences from ordinary cases?

The above structure, part of the energy structure of the body, is conducive to the people who have multi-piece of the soul, because it allows you to create a stabilization system, for example, between the contradictions. If they exist at the level of the soul, the spiritual component, or on a personal level, in subpersonal split within man. When human consciousness is then divided into subpersonal subplane, and each subpersonality fulfills its mechanism of behavior, their psyche, their role, their curation. Ego is stabilizing.

And depending on what the soul, in the case of multi-piece soul dominates, and what mental aspect dominates, respectively, constructive or destructive, and what level of sub-personalities (set) - the ego is colored by the party and affect the person. Narrows human consciousness accordingly, and includes in this second example, a constructive spirit. Thus, a person is dominant, such as destructive and destructive subpersonality soul ... And he voleizyavlyaet in his life certain storylines, some assessment, but still remembers his constructive side, and feel it here and now. Understands that it is a tool in his life and in the next phase, he may, in the karmic problem, for example, to move to a constructive way and work out a constructive set of sub-personalities and constructive set of estimates, rules his life credo. And feel the other side, it is implemented by the same structure.

Those. figuratively can be said that multi-piece shower - it is two halves of apple that are in single glass structure or as different colors, one inserted in a vase. If the shift to the system of images. And the "vase" (ego) just a stabilization system, federated system, control system of supervision, sub-personalities, the psyche, the mind, consciousness, and at the same time as its contraction and the formation of certain patterns of behavior.


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