Dialogues about... soul, disunity and the fear of short incarnations

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[01.08.16, 9:26:58] Interlocutor: How to become whole? Be not parts, and the whole?

[01.08.16, 9:27:29] fartran: Personality, in any event, in the current project "humanity", manifests itself through the crushing mechanism: first initial, when you have the personality and the soul. Then the person is divided into a plurality of sub-personalities that change and influence behavior, mind, choice, feeling.

Thus, we live in the mechanism of "Soul -> personality > sub-personalities" for various dense experience. Sub-personalities are replaced one by one, can be active in several sub-personalities throughout the day. But in the end, a person comes to what may become one, it is the inherent nature as a natural, evolutionary process.

For example: a) through the power of the Soul and b) through the restriction in and around himself dense energies, as they are "crushed" and include the same "personal gear."

[01.08.16, 9:28:06] Interlocutor: It is clear. Personality and soul - how to combine them?

[01.08.16, 9:28:36] fartran: Draining the sub-personalities and unified personality, then the pursuit of the soul becomes natural when the person is ready to get out of tight karma. In general, personality and soul is not technically merged, a person can go to the energy of the soul can go to energy Person, higher octave. It will be the same, the feelings.

Personality, when goes to its higher octaves in frequency becomes close to the soul, there is a natural draining. In fact, the identity and soul of man becomes visible a single entity, and the man in the new builds his world view, his attitude to the world, psyche, reaction to the situation, the life of others. Accordingly, in another it begins to line up life itself, stories in which people live, something with which he faced every day.

The more a person droblen in dense frequencies, the more appropriate, in the circumstances of his life. They also - dense, fragmented. And the perception of the world and its prospects for human - like.

[01.08.16, 9:29:10] Interlocutor: As a person passes on these higher octave?

[01.08.16, 9:29:32] fartran: The denser frequencies within you and around you, the more you are from the soul, and there is a natural, karmic crushing. Since each subpersonality feed these frequencies, each sub-personalities attached plot, the activation mechanism, through what and how we live. The more people in dense frequencies, the greater the fragmentation. Technically, all crushed by the ego.

The man then far from the soul, can do what it contradicts. For example, under the influence of the environment and the influence of other people. It so happens that the person deeper into yourself, ask yourself and your inner voice - whether it likes (something specific) my soul, or not? Get the answer is no. And it continues to do so, under the influence of circumstances. This is an example of the practice of real life. A person can be so dense due to the circumstances, that all will be something like this in his life.

But then, after a while, when conditionality becomes smaller, the first thing people will do what he likes. The fragmentation that hindered this, karmic circumstances go back - the frequency of ego and life will be different. And people will make it to your liking.

Someone it takes a year or two, someone's all life. Depends originally from dense circumstances, what people here.

But the understanding of human nature and mechanisms .... this mechanism, always gives hope for the future of those who are in a deadlock and feels like one, and conditioning them (yet temporary, but they do not know) - the other. Go back to the people, after, of these impasses, still finding solutions .... which are closer to the soul. A person can spend a lot of energy, time, but nature has a way that a person only give the possibility, though some, he will do everything quickly, as needed as it is closer to the soul. How much would it "does not determine."

But, of course, when conditionality and dense circumstances - built to gain experience, then there is no place for the soul. It will be chaos, suffering, karma failures, difficulties. But still, in practice - temporary. Most of it does not work out merging with the soul, and the experience of the individual, the earth karma, here and now, as it is. Age of dense energies, to understand what it's like to live in the body, the personality, subpersonalities. It is in its own unique experience.

Just, again, someone has this year lasts from someone ten. We keenly feel the time, as we are short of incarnation. From the point of view of the universe, or the Masters, ten years - this is not a period when you have to explain to a person something important.

[01.08.16, 9:30:22] Interlocutor: It is clear. As no dense frequencies, if we live in the world? Even the body - tight rate

[01.08.16, 9:31:42] fartran: body - from the dense material. Thin, invisible, the frequency may also acquire density (depression), for example, like a cloud over his head would look like on the higher plane, and all. without a body density, people due to similar density, and it is not up to the Soul.

[01.08.16, 9:32:56] fartran: With regard to the body. The body and the person - it's not the same thing. Personality is made up of sub-personalities. The body can be reconstructed under the influence of associations of Selves. The main thing that they were in agreement. If the sub-personalities are not in agreement, then one will be in favor, one against.

In the morning the man sits on a diet, forget the day and eat chocolate. It is also for other reasons may be, but also by this. Look at the people who change during the life of the body, it was 150 kg, became 80. In their case, yet she subpersonality who wanted to be 80 - in concert with others, and integrated with the personality, the soul and the life path. And it all happened.

And it could not happen, because two sub-personalities were the same influence and conflicted.

[01.08.16, 9:34:38] Interlocutor: And our task is to become a whole being?

[01.08.16, 9:35:13] fartran: Karmic problems are different. They cause, give the person, body and sub-personalities, circumstances of life and life itself, the very short inkarnatsiiyu. If we are talking about the transition from the karmic problems to something more complicated, as a natural process of evolution, and the transition to the spiritual frequency. That, in general, yes.

From a karmic problem then becomes one "higher", he begins to feel that there is something more than everyday life, and her questions. And dense frequencies - this is the main, people usually "above" does not see. But nature still laid so that everyone feels as a result of the move and the possibility of not only personal, but spiritual. In personal "ceiling" is reached rather quickly and the personal becomes insufficient.

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