Channeling "Thin plan - the general topology - civilizations, objects, opportunities in terms of Thef Channel"

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At the moment, we delineate the subtle plan within the framework of the research on thef channel (the channeler fartran) on certain components, proceeding from what is transmitted in the channeling and with what we interact, moving into different dimensions. We do not exclude that a subtle plan - a space more complex, with a large number of objects, minds, has a more complex structure. But at the moment we can isolate a specific topology. 

Thin plan. Study history

All the material was collected on the basis of experiments, from 2008 to 2016, which were obtained practically by way of channeling, exits from the body and energy scanning. In fact, most of the information was back in 2008-2010, all this time we spent on checking objects and working in the laboratory. If the terms correspond with any materials from other sources, these locations were carefully checked for actual existence and re-incorporated into our structure to maintain a unified system.

Initially, we divide the subtle plan into the main three clearly manifested zones. In our terminology, they will be called - open space, astral, mental. The fourth system - the Nodal lattice around the Earth, is an external object.

1. Over-space, the Nodal System of the Earth

Lattice of restriction around the Earth, delineating "Mankind" and the very notion of a "subtle plan". Information about what is outside the thin plan of the Earth is not so much at the moment. Minds transmit information about this space as "Above-Cosmos of the Earth", in which the processes proceed somewhat in a different form and frequencies, rather than on Earth itself and on the Earth's subtle plane. Over-space looks like this:

2. Open space on a subtle plane

Open space is the main dimension on a subtle plane, which includes various objects, minds that oversee the Earth, as well as various information and energy storages, the core of time, parallel worlds, the star and planetary system. It looks like a multi-layered dark space, in each layer of which there is a cluster of objects, minds.

For the sake of convenience, we describe outer space by separating objects and minds, but as a whole it is a single system and you can switch between the described objects, places, and minds in a matter of seconds, simply moving from dimensionality to dimension, from layer to layer. Movement is carried out both linearly, when slowly moving from the conditional point "a" to the point "b" and "quantum", when being at the same point, at the same second, at the same point, without movement, you find yourself in a multitude of "kilometers "(in human understanding and calculus) or dimensionality, a layer, simply" cutting through "space or time. Open space on a thin plane looks like this:

2.1 The minds of outer space participating in the earth process

- Star-planetary system of open space - a layer that looks like our physical space, which also contains stars and planets. Also on this layer is the energy Earth. Unlike the physical cosmos, on the subtle plane inside planets and constellations there are Minds who either took part in the creation of Mankind, or actively support it. The Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Vega, etc., are most active in channeling. Also quite concrete impact comes from the planetary system - Mars, Venus, etc. Through the star-planetary system penetrate the 12 main rays that support the universe. Also, in contrast to the physical cosmos, Absolute objects are added to the star-planetary system, which are on another layer. Any second you can switch from Mars to the Core of the subtle plan, from Venus to the Noosphere, the Isosphere. Go down below, into the buffer zone, go further - into the ring, or generally move to the astral or mental, which are dimensions of another energy nature (see below).

- The buffer zone of the outer space is a free zone of the outer space, which is in the layer under the star-planetary space. It looks like darkness, spread over many kilometers. But when moving in a free, buffer zone, you start to discover different objects for yourself. Crossroads of worlds, the center of the universe, which is constantly in motion. Then free-floating information banks-storages, left by different minds, as a memory of oneself and the accumulated experience.

- The ring system of open space - the layer in which there are minds, is under the buffer, or above (depending on how you left the body, which you initially have a landmark). In the ring system, mainly live or crystal life forms, possessing high intelligence and participating in the creation of the project of mankind. They are not tied to planets or stars, like the minds in the layer above. They are themselves grouped into a system of 12 spirals, each of which can have from 5 to 50 minds. A total of 12 spirals, one flows into another, we perceive these objects as rings, hence the system received a similar name. Minds look like field objects and we are divided according to color - Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, etc., etc. However, it is better to classify the minds by frequency, because in the system there are 12 spiral rings, inside each one there can be 50 green forces, as many blue, as many yellow, up to one shade. But they all differ in frequency.

2.2 Basic life support facilities deployed in open space

    - Noosphere and Isosphere - the system of the energy house of the Soul of a person, depending on the curator. The system to which, as an umbilical cord, the person is attached by a thread, through the ray of the 7 chakra. The system into which the Soul returns after physical death on Earth. On a subtle plane, the Isosphere and Noosphere look like bright objects in the white spectrum. The channeling usually comes from the Teacher of the Noosphere or the Teacher of the Isosphere, or the power of the ring or star system, in conjunction with the Teachers. Teachers can be of different orders, call themselves differently, channeling with different people. Teachers in the Noosphere are numerous and each has its own tasks. Teacher's eyes are usually like white energy, warmth and love from which you can not confuse. As if the minds of the star or ring system were not trying to imitate (adapt) to the noospheric frequency, they will always have a different spectrum than the truly Noospheric, absolute.
    - The Kernel of Time is the main data bank of the Earth, the main repository. Including a system that supports the mechanism of space and time. Channeling usually comes out representatives of the Keepers of Time, different levels.
    - Karma - a system that maintains the current order and the main scenarios for the development of the Earth and Man. On the channeling usually come out representatives of the Karma Keepers, of different levels.
    - Information field of the Earth - a system that carries out the connection of man and the rhythms of the Earth (scenarios for karma, time and space). It looks on a subtle plane - like energy threads on a dark background.
    - Earth's frame field - a system that includes a person in the Earth's information field. Human energy, in addition to the field form (shells, subtle bodies, chakras) has a frame superstructure, in the form of lines of force that encircle the body. These lines of force, geometric objects, are located above the person (around the person), then they fit into similar geometric objects, lines of force, of the open space, so man is constantly embedded in the mechanism of space and time, and also in the Earth's information field. It is with the Earth and all objects of the subtle plane - a single whole. Thus, many questions are uncovered, including the nature of time and space. The mechanism is found in the channeling in 2011, an additional channel is expected on this topic.

3. The astral plane. The Astral. Energy copy of the world

The astral or astral plane is the system of the energy copy of our physical world. Also there live the minds that ever incarnated on the Earth, then went to the field or other life form, or those that are for some reason - tied to the material world, material frequencies for which life is needed - material frequencies and energies. Also the middle layer of the astral is the current exact copy of the processes on the Earth, so the Kernel of Time from the Open Space unfolds a permanent backup of all processes. On a thin plane, the astral looks like this:

3.1 The upper layer is the system of the higher intelligence of the astral, tied to the material plane (the various pantheons of the Gods that were ever incarnated on Earth - the Slavic pantheon, Scandinavian, Indian, etc.). The higher mind that ever had materialization that did not leave the earthly project, having moved from the Thin Plan of the Earth - into the Supra-cosmos. But even if the higher mind or the whole pantheon comes out of the Earth project, then the data banks of these minds and the ways of attunement remain on the highest astral, in the Noosphere or the core of Time.

 3.2 The middle layer - exact copies of the physical world (apartments, streets, people, houses). Also, various subtlety, like the "ball of sleep" and "ball of experience." Dimensionality, where people get additional experience, both in a dream and during the day, often not noticing that they have moved to a delicate plan, so realistic processes, sensations, replicas of apartments, smells, sensations, etc.

3.3 The lower layer is the system of the lower mind, tied to material energy. Different energy parasites, lower minds, spirits, unknown numerous lower life forms, which for life needs material energy.


4. The mental plan. Mental. Primary matter and the system of material impulse embodiment

4.1 Upper level - Primary matter, impulse and core of materialization. The level looks like a dot. The level is accessible only to the Creator.

4.2 Medium - The level looks like a dark infinity, without objects. The pure energy that the absolute objects of outer space use, the minds of the open cosmos (see above) - for the materialization of objects, zadumok, energies. So, for example, the mechanism of karma uses the mental, through the frame system, to form the axis of plots, for a particular person. Initially, the plot is an impulse, then coming into contact with the layer of the mental, it begins to acquire the necessary framework, i.e. materialization, density, necessary for realization. On a subtle plane, it looks like a collection of different colors, shapes, shades, spots, on a dark background.

4.3 Lower level - The level used by people to unfold the impulse of the Soul, personality, from the brain. Not always, but often - a person comes into contact with the energy of the mental, when thinking about the processes. Because the level of use of the mental is now low among people, therefore, life is not fomed, there is no influence on the stories. People who learn to work with the mental form their life by intention, i.e. They can use the creative energy of the first principle and influence it with their intention. To shape life through impulse, point, concentration on the plot and the ability to bring into it the appropriate energy for materialization. Through the mental, the majority of meditation unfolds, in which there is visualization, like "forest, water, flowers." The person in meditation imperceptibly passes to the mental, the channel similar to the energy of water, for example, in addition to energy, also unfolds, the formed reality, the dimensionality that a person sees as water, or the forest, unfolds. The same forest or water on the mental, respectively, no.

In all these objects you can move on a subtle plane, learn and interact with them. Since 2010, thef channel has been teaching people energy assemblies, vision and moving to a subtle plan, you can join the labs at any time.

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