Channeling "The birth of human, the program of the soul and personality"

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Channeling with the Teachers of Noosphere, Russian thef Esoteric, on the theme of birth, the program of the Soul of Man, the personality program, through the channeler fartran, 28.03.2011 + 23.11.2017&nbsp

1. How does the Soul pass into a person, at the time of birth?
2. The karmic program is laid from the incarnation cell?
3. We know that there is a program of karma, there is a program of the soul. Here is the so-called soul program, when a person should start working with it: after the implementation of the karma program or ..?
4. Can a person theoretically consciously move from one incarnation cycle to another without losing his incarnational savings?
5. After the passage of the incarnation cycle, what is the ultimate goal of the soul?
6. There is a question: it is not a secret for anyone that a person spends most of his life in a dream. Does the soul have experience in sleep and what is it for?
7. There are such periods in people when fears do not allow them to move. How do you tell me an easy way to fight fear?

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Q: How does the person's soul pass at birth? Is it true that the human soul is being pawned with a karmic program?
P: Imagine a soul with a sphere ... In order to be easier to explain, we will now operate with visual images. Imagine a sphere in your incarnational cell, in the Noosphere - in your energy house, where you stay, while you are waiting for a new incarnation. And imagine a person below a small dot, just barely developed point, the future person in the womb of the mother. And there is a sphere - the soul, in the incarnational cell, in the Noosphere, in your energy house. The noospheric cell is revealed when the time is right for a person to incarnate, and from her comes a huge radiance. The soul initially, like "cucumbers in the bank," figuratively. "Brine" is what keeps the soul in the cell and when the cell opens, the brine splashes out and encodes the space through which the soul goes into the body, down. He creates a protective layer for him, encodes space and circulation from the outside, and the soul is sent to the body.

In parallel, and before that, all incarnations of the soul are taken into account, as a result, the karmic task for life is calculated. When the soul comes into the body, and the person incarnates, is born, in due course the soul adapts to the dense earthly mechanisms and begins to correspond to them. Gets density not only in the form of a body, but also in the form of a personality program. The personality program and the whole "human" complex (personality, subpersonality, ego, mobile consciousness, psyche, subconsciousness) are included. All this manifests the main component - the soul, bears its imprint, but simultaneously hides it, adapts it to earthly experience, to dense mechanisms. A person has a karmic task for life, vital axes, gender, character, profession, tasks.

The energy component is also forming: the frame energy, the head energy computer, the main energy shell with the whole complex of chakras, thin bodies. It happens instantly, but unfolds gradually, over the years. Part of the program of karma is pawned at once, part is laid down later, it is not laid in one stage, it is laid stepwise, but the rudiments are laid with the soul.

Q: That is, the karmic program is also laid from the incarnation cell?
- There is a certain layer in the Noosphere, which is responsible for karmic programs and for sampling the karmic program. This mechanism is quite complicated. Relatively speaking, then it is integrated into the noospheric cell, then it is laid in the person, while the person is embodied, is in the body, is renewed through the ray of the 7 chakra. The 7th chakra beam keeps in touch with the cell constantly, during life. Carries out exchange processes, man-Noosphere, Noosphere-man, up, down.

Q: How many stages of the karmic program can there be?
Q: Does it depend on the person's age?
-80% is pawned at the beginning of the path, 80% of the mechanism itself, and then they start to fold as the person grows, his movements begin, the programs themselves begin to be laid.
- Gradually they go in a bio-screen way, on the head computer, or by a ray, but mostly by a beam from the 7 chakra. This is a well-established mechanism. A person simply takes information.

Q: So, the ray that has a connection to the Noosphere is the connection of the soul with the Noosphere or the body with the Noosphere, or all together?
- The connection of the host computer, the main field shell, the main energy component of the human, into which man is wrapped up, like the Noosphere. And through the bio-screen complex, through the head computer, overhead, these processes are regulated. The soul is a substance of a kind that does not have a definite form in man and dissolves at a deep, subtle level. You can view its light, frequency, curating, but this will be the projection from it. The very soul you can not "feel" and address it directly, as you can touch the head complex, for example. The soul is packed for "7 seal", and this is done from the point of view of security and encoding of a destructive person, when a person wants to destroy himself, there are such cases. In this case, for internal and external influences from outside, the soul was decided to "hide".

Q: Okay, then let's talk about the soul program. We know that there is a program of karma, there is a program of the soul. Here is the so-called soul program, when a person should start working with it: after the implementation of the karma program or ..?
-There are two levels: the level of the soul (level of essence, essence) and the level of personality (manifested karma, manifested personality, subpersonalities, ego, psyche, mobile consciousness). If initially, then yes - the level of the soul, the program of the soul, ie. essential level. The soul is quite an ancient structure, especially if a person passes from one incarnation to another and often incarnates, the soul constantly gets its experience. She begins to receive her experience from the birth of a person, from the first days on Earth, from the first incarnation. And the program of karma - each time a unique program, for a specific, current incarnation, incarnation, it changes every time, each time you have different gender, character, profession, tasks. The program of the soul rarely changes. Simply sometimes the karmic experience is one that already existed, that is, a person remembers. Sometimes this is a unique experience, for example, a standard experience, when a child is born and exists in a happy family, he is warm, nice, comfortable, nourishing. From incarnation to incarnation so. But in one of the incarnations the soul was embodied in a not very prosperous family. Despite the fact that many incarnations were before, for the soul - this is a new experience, a new karmic experience. The soul program, the main one, begins to unfold within the framework of the new karma experience, from a new angle.

The program of karma is that which allows a person to move and gain experience, that is, a program of karma is like a layering on the program of the soul. The program of karma moves a person and naturally moves the soul. The soul, as it is "hidden", can not come into contact with the society directly. The program of karma is, in fact, what the soul hides for, the seal program for obtaining earthly experience. Initially, when a person was created, it was decided that the soul would be "in the shadows," that is, she would lead everything in the person, but for security reasons she would be "in the shadows." Karma from this point of view is a very convenient mechanism. It allows a person to be in the domestic frequencies, has an embodiment, in everyday life, in conflicts, events, in thoughts, to get experience, ie. move, accept, solve problems, etc., but the soul remains a delicate structure and reveals the world through personality, through karmic experience. Through this, the soul acquires a new experience or integrates the one that already exists.

Q: On the implementation of the soul program: can it be realized through karma or is it still a separate implementation program? How will it be realized?
-If we are talking about programs now, we need to note once again that these are two different programs. A program of the soul for a multitude of incarnations, and a program of karma for one current incarnation. Rarely when they are connected, because the soul program is more spiritual and more complex than the karma program. It is deeper. Imagine: there is no sense in reincarnating a person to get some miserable experience, for example, conflict experience, everyday life and so on. The soul program usually has either an energetic or a spiritual color associated with spirituality, with energy, with channels, understanding of morality, with the adoption of one of the postulates. Sometimes a person goes to a new path in order to become simply kinder. On this "kinder" is superimposed, for example the fact that he should just become an artist and his work he will rid himself of anger. It turns out that if you open the cell, it will be written, said, broadcast: the program of the soul of this person - to be an artist, but in fact, under the artist's path, it is simply elementary to be kinder, and everything else is a consequence.

The program of karma is built so that a person gets experience in order to become an artist, then become kinder. This is superimposed, and people begin to confront people, situations, event series, where he accepts this experience and makes the choice: to be kinder or be more vicious, while remaining an artist. He draws conclusions from this, sees what happens, weighs everything, and so on. We have considered one example. With energy interactions: same thing, only through a different channel, depending on what kind of experience the soul had before. Karma is something that pushes a person and makes him choose, move according to the program of the soul, that is, to evolve or to stand still. Each person chooses himself, karma only gives the proposed circumstances, plots, event frame, everything else - the choice of a person.

Q: What is the maximum number of incarnations that a person can have?
-This is private information due to the fact that we protect some people.

Q: I understand that the soul program can be realized through creativity?
-Through different spheres of life. The soul program can be realized through creativity, through concrete being, through character, through choice. Through all. Not only can you be an artist, you can be an engineer, cultivate your own and make a choice toward goodness (for example). There are many options. Let's just say, the choice of a profession, the choice of a path - it is 50% karmic and 50% spiritual. Karma is chosen so that the soul is comfortable and easier to perceive its task. It looks like what kind of experience a person already had, left hemisphere or right hemisphere. If there was a right hemisphere constantly, then this is also decided: was there once a left-hemispheric experience, to integrate this time left-hemispheric experience, why is it to man, how does he move his soul, ie, a rather complicated miscalculation. On the one hand, this is done on the machine, on the other hand, we constantly supervise this issue.

Q: is there a probability that karma can be linked from humanity as a whole? How will this be reflected in its incarnation cycle?
-No. We understood why this question has arisen. The mediator was discarded about this for a long time, but she did not take into account that the information she was giving up was about when people would be reborn, that is, in a different way, on a different path, even in another race. It will look, the way to line up. Karma will be linked and sent to other positions. As for the current situation, even when a person is at the highest spiritual level, we very much hope for this, and we are working with this, anyway karma will be attached to people and throw off the programs to the person at his birth, build up his events, his work, life, society , understanding of the processes of interaction with egregor. It will simply be on a different, more spiritual level, ie, the conflict will be lifted in such quantity as now, there will be another dimension. This will be a facilitated version of the interaction. But in the end, control should still be, karma will be and the soul should get its experience. With the mediators on this topic, you need to work separately - you need to show what are the options for the rebirth of a person, the soul's exit, the rebirth of souls and the finding of the soul in the state of gaining experience derived from being. Man breathes and already gets experience. A higher level resembles a drift in the ocean and this is a completely different level.

Q: Good. The question of the incarnation cycle. Can a man theoretically consciously move from one incarnation cycle to another without losing his incarnational savings?
- You will be surprised. There are certain souls with a certain level, when the soul, being in the noosphere cell, interacts with the Masters, karma and builds its own path.

The soul, being in the incarnation cell, is fully aware of itself and experiences its experience, and fully feels the Noosphere depending on the level. Some souls "sleep" and do not interact with the world, their experiences, etc. Some are "cheerful and cheerful" as the mediator suggests. These "cheerful, cheerful souls", when they go into a new cycle - interact with the teacher's system and together choose their own program up to their parents and name.

In general, finding an incarnation cell in the inter-incarnation cycle is a rather interesting experience. The soul has no sensations of the body, it is free in movements, sensations, in fact it is pure. When a person dies, he goes through a series of processes and the "easy" soul enters the cell and all incarnations are available to him, all information about the Noosphere and everything that is happening in the world is now available. At will, as far as the soul is loving and inquisitive, it can receive information about what is happening now and process it. But most souls prefer to abstract from this and prefer to just stay in the cell, turn in their own energy. The soul outside the program of karma came after the integration of experience, it got information, its understanding.

Experience can only be gained by "legs", only walking on the Earth, only having lived, only having felt. Imagine - the soul has only just got it, freed from a program of body weight, personality, events, conflicts. She is in a pristine state with the added experience going into the cell and understanding it, she lives, she is well, she has a new understanding. In each new incarnation, the soul is lighter, lighter, a new understanding of the world comes.

Q: After passing the incarnation cycle, what is the ultimate goal of the soul?
-The highest goal of the soul has 3 points:

1) the soul can choose an independent path of movement in the Noosphere, the cosmos, other dimensions, etc. depending on the original bookmark, its nature.
2) the soul can leave the Teacher in the Noosphere. Those. fill up the ranks of the Teachers and engage in Noosphere, interaction with people, less coordination, because there are other structures for it. Generally engage in interaction with people, support the Noosphere, its security, as there is development.
3) there is a project where the souls participate together with the Noosphere Teachers in the project plans as the humanity will develop further, as it will exist. This is possible at the soul level.

Souls, being on this level, think with Noosphere how to exist outside the body, outside of the soul, how to be with the world, Noosphere, having human positions being human. They are people of the new world. But while there are exactly 3 ways.

Q: Does it happen that souls from a teacher's formation can somehow incarnate on the Earth somehow?
- Yes. These are the souls who joined the teacher formation just recently, they have a very strong memory of the body, the memory of karma, the memory of the individual. They have already gained enough energy to be on a high spiritual level. They come back, there are examples: Christ, Buddha.

-Does it happen in our time?
- Actually, no. It's not the position now on Earth to send such a soul. Such souls are ready and as soon as there is a backlash, i.e. a gap, when they can be sent, then it will be done, i.e. the bar of interaction, the impact on people is lowered. Previously, one soul came and shone. Now it is done point-by-point and 50 will work instead of one person, and some of them already work, then this circle narrows and there are only 3 of them. A slightly different scheme is developed, so the answer to the question is - is this currently the case? - quite complicated. We have described the scheme why this is done, we will not answer, it was decided.

Q: We can assume that the situation at the moment on Earth has developed in such a way that more than half the population of the planet Earth is in distress. I mean economically. How can this be related to karmic programs? Why are they so complex and specifically done?

This is part of the karmic program for the development of the constructive soul. Man, being in a state of asceticism, chooses the path: either to put up with it, to go on, or to resist and then rebel, and have the desire to change the curation, etc., etc. Souls, first, are checked. If the soul rebels: "I want it, and not otherwise," one can see how capable she is of changing the curse to destructive or remains here and riots until she realizes that it's time to put up and move on. Souls who are humble, first get the experience of asceticism, experience of movement in what is needed - everything is at the moment, the experience of understanding the channel, the experience of understanding money, that money is exactly what is needed, the experience of understanding why they need it.

Through this penance, the soul acquires experience, a person learns to work with karma. When a person at a high spiritual level understands the channels, he understands that he is one with the world, that he is energy, events - energy, money-energy, objects and materiality-energy. He starts to interact with them on the same level and gets exactly as much as he needs, so there can be a little in plus only after understanding by the person, when the head is completely turned over, that "I do not consume everything I want, but they do not give me" suffering, but the fact that "I am existing and giving to this world, I interact with the world on a level, on an equal footing, and in return as an energy exchange I get what is necessary." "If I'm with him on a par, then I can afford to interact with so-and-so amount of money, because they need me ..... there's something." Ie, an even energy exchange occurs, then the situation is equalized.

A completely different understanding of the ultimatum and the many years of suffering: "I want this thing, or I do not have enough (the whole consciousness is being reconstructed into this position without fixing enough or not), so give me money, I'll go make it work - no." Installation - "I'll go to earn this thing" gives a conflicting basis, then start to throw a lot of event series, when in addition to this thing a person begins to want everything at once and ultimatums become more .The person understands how much money he had and how much is left, but what is needed Such a trap of asceticism, the trap of karma. (Complemented with the consequence): That is, a person needs to rise above this and understand: "I need this because it is in the vibrations of my soul", for example, and "in the vibrations of my soul I select my occupation for these vibrations. "" I give these vibrations to the world, and then I take them back "in one or the other equivalent, including money, if it's about them, that is, money appears when the right energy exchange is built, although would be with 4 chakras, not with 3, from "I", "me" or from non-resource energies "do not give", which then "plant consciousness "for many years, fixing a person in low energies, thinking, not giving him the resources to get out and understand himself, create the right energy exchange with people and the world, and get in return. Including money, or simply energy.

The return can be in money equivalent, and maybe not. At higher levels of consciousness and closeness to one's soul, rather than personality, the charge of money is removed from the soul, that people at such a level are not fixed so much on money, which means they interact on a different level, and money goes to them in a different way. This is a completely different level - the rate of return. Usually at this level, people give more than money come, but money does not care. Karma begins to play differently with the person. He, one way or another, should give more. (Complemented later): there are people who have a karmic task - the knowledge of large amounts of money, or medium, average prosperity, without much difficulty. Then the receipt of benefits goes in a natural, karamic way, because each soul has both those segments of the karmic experience, the soul receives a variety of experiences in the sets of incarnations. Then the arrival of goods is carried out outside the spiritual experience of man, outside the elaboration of consciousness. But if a person does not have average or high wealth as karma as part of a dense, karmic experience, then this is not a karmic sentence, he can reach the desired level, through increasing the vibration of the soul, through understanding what his strength, talent, help to it peace and people, detachment of consciousness from money, and they return to it in a natural way, as a result of its contribution to the development of mankind, let's say.

Q: It's no secret that a person spends most of his life in a dream. Does the soul have experience in sleep and what is it for?
-As a minimum, to save time and space. The whole experience of materiality is not always possible, a lot goes to a parallel line - to sleep. A person lays the body of a dream, sometimes it is a lucid dream. A person breaks off a copy of his energy body, and gets into some kind of event, which is then perceived as a dream. (note: there is a separate channeling and texts on this topic, in the file "human life").

In this event he chooses, he also makes a choice, if one looks at his dreams. Either way, you make your choice and exist. Sometimes it seems that this is an abstraction, confusion, illogicality, etc., but under the outer shell of the confusion of the event series you will see that you are making a choice and events are occurring while interacting with people. Here it is better to look at what is actually happening, and nowhere and how it happens and then the understanding of oneself will be wider.

Sleep gives the dropping of the body, certain karmic attitudes associated with the body, with corporeality, but karma works even in a dream, and everything is built only in a different way. It is necessary to understand that the soul acquires experience according to the karmic of the same scheme with the difference that some karmic programs associated with the body, corporeality, materiality. They leave a little in a dormant state and sometimes an abstraction is superimposed on this matter. A person is closer to the energy channels, closer to the process of what is happening between the two people, and he sees it at the bioenergy-information level, feels the kana. Sometimes in the brain they are transformed as an abstraction, like surrealism, as unrelated things, like other worlds, etc. It's just closer to the energy and begins to feel it and see. The natural habitual picture of the world turns upside down and everything in a dream turns green, for example. Actions begin to occur not where they should occur, for example, should occur in his apartment, but occur in some other place, the country. He is closer to the energy and understands where the wind blows, etc.

Q: Maybe the question is a little bit on the topic, but since we touched on lucid dreams, many people notice that changing into the astral, after the separation of the physical body, the physical world is changing and the environment becomes not what it is in the physical world.
- This is due to the fact that a person gets into the past, the present and the future at the same time and isolates the state that is more convenient for him. Sometimes in a mixed state, you can fall on the energy component of the room and simultaneously take a piece of the past, the present, the future.

Q: So there are different time axes?
-Here there is no understanding of the time axis, here is the understanding of space. You just simply compile the space where it is convenient for you to interact with this place. Take a piece there and then compile, interacting and working out your karma there.

Q: You said, compile, and physical space is not a computer itself?
-It can be modified and a person can interact with it, code space. Unfortunately, the person at such a level that everything else became impossible.

- Develop, move, think, know that the soul ultimately has no barriers, and hence there are no barriers to you, there are no boundaries, barriers to development. What you want - it can be done, all your aspirations can be realized. The main thing is that they come from the level of the soul, and not from a low level of personality, karma, desires of consumption, that is, when the ego, low vibrations and personality - it is unlikely that everything can be successful, one way or another at this level, this is the level. At the level of the soul, when you rise to the soul and to high energies, happiness is possible there.

Q: In order to move forward - there are such periods in people when fears do not allow them to move. How do you tell me an easy way to fight fear?
- Fear is a protective reaction. Understand - we can not tell you one mechanism, since we are responsible for each individual person. It is necessary to look, that for fear of each concrete person. If there is a concrete fear of a person, it is better to turn to people who know how to work with fears, find out the cause of fear - why he keeps a person, why he is given to him at the moment. There are many aid techniques on this. You need not be afraid, when you are afraid or something is happening to you, you need not be afraid to seek help. People are selected, who can help, we are selected by us and everything is ultimately solved with each specific person.

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