Channeling "What do the Extraterrestrial Civilizations look like on a subtle plane and how do we look to them?"

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As a rule, extraterrestrial civilizations are located in the open energy space, in planets or systems of rings, as well as on the lower or higher planes of the manifested astral. This is their natural habitat. They look absolutely differently, have different frequency, curation, nature, history, structure, purpose.


If you are confused in the topology of the subtle plan, whoever is and why so many different teachers and systems, before reading the text, you need to get acquainted with the topology of the subtle plan, the mind register, we received them in a practical rather than a theoretical way, 6 (since 2010) and fully responsible for the transferred.

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Ways of tuning to extraterrestrial civilizations and different minds

You can see extraterrestrial civilizations in several ways. The first - being in the body, attune to the subtle plan. But in order that it is not pictures from the brain or personal settings, the energy bodies and the host computer must be completely cleaned.

As Teachers tell us: "you must have a cleansed mental-astral filling and bodies, energy, consciousness," "your personal attitudes should not affect perception, otherwise your channel will be completely distorted." But it is difficult to track this, because our energy is very mobile and we are constantly in interaction with the outside world: we have an active memory, emotions, opinions are formed, the fullness of our energy is constantly changing. Therefore, instead of a subtle plan, one can wander along the corridors of the mental body and mind, look at extraterrestrial-like visualizations, but not be in energy exchange with them.

an example of contaminated bodies that will easily block the signal from a subtle plan

It is easier to adjust to a subtle plan through the exit from the body and the mobile consciousness that is available to us from nature, because in this case we descend from the axis of personality, the ego, break away from the body and the influence of our accumulations, decreases (but not completely). In our concept, the Teacher was given specific techniques for getting out of the body, so we consider this process through these methods.

In this case, the vision of extraterrestrial civilizations depends very much on how you are going to get out of the body, how to proceed to a subtle plan and how much you have free energy. Free potential energy is a key factor in the perception of subtle reality. Also, different assemblies for WTO give different results: somewhere - more vision, somewhere - more feeling. A different amount of energy gives a different quality of interaction with space, the less energy, the worse the vision and moving to short distances. The more energy, the clearer the vision, the better the sensation and the faster the movement.

The average person has a small amount of potential energy; for many, the tradition of a subtle plan and exit from the body only enters into their life, competing with ordinary life, karmic tasks, dense energies. Most of the energy is spent on maintaining programs from the vital axis of the person and the programs of life (brain, body, psyche, etc.)

Accordingly, when a person gathers from the body and goes to a delicate plan, the brain calculates an average coefficient of potential energy that is ready to be given to "other needs." And most often the person has an average potential, a little blurred vision. In this case, on a subtle plane, the minds, as a rule, look like color spots (shapes), the colors of which correspond with their frequencies and our perception of these frequencies. Hence the working name of the minds of the "Whites", "Violet", etc., if a person passes on a subtle plane without a vision, only with the channel of hearing, his mind can transmit signals in a verbal form "We are Teachers ... such and such, "Light forces", etc.

example of conditional extraterrestrial civilizations, in the field form

True vision of minds

By themselves, minds do not have color, but if we have a subtle vision, their frequency in our understanding is converted into certain coefficients, including colors, so it's easier for us to interact with them. Hence the images that were given at the laboratories - round colored forms on a dark background, the most approximate variation of the mapping of minds in outer space, with an average assembly from the body, average vision and abilities.

The vision of the mind also depends heavily on where the person interacts with them. When the Noosphere gave the topology of the subtle plan in 2010, it was just a theory and at that time we interacted with forces only in the open energy space where the forces have, as a rule, a field or crystalline form and look accordingly. Subsequently, when studying the subtle plan, we began to move to both the mental and astral, the variations in interaction with forces became more diverse, new opportunities were opened. So, the same mind in outer space will look like a color spot (in accordance with its field nature), and on the average mental, in accordance with the possibility of creation there, can have "wings, human form, image of a sage" - t. e. be everything we are ready for. In this case, the minds use the projection from themselves and project energy from the cosmos into the mental, where it is transformed into a specific code and additional dimensionality is formed. At the same time, the mind itself does not change, the information and energy coming from it remain the same.


Hence the "wings", hence the teachers become sages (and not a white ball, as in the standard form, when you come to the Noosphere), hence in the paintings of artists we see faces, hence any interpretation that you might like and be identical, here and now. The mind can appear before us even in the form of a "Christmas tree", or a Christmas tree, they can even become it. The only thing that again, you have to be sure of the purity of your astral-mental filling and personal attitudes, so that the contaminated mental body does not block you a delicate plan and the removal of information from there.

изображение из яндекса

It is not difficult for the mind and any other creature of the subtle world to project itself into the material world, but it manifests itself somewhat in a different form than is shown in the movies. Initially, the minds do not have a material form, being, for the most part, field or crystalline beings, of a subtle material nature. They can also use projections to expose themselves in a dense world. Imagine: you are physically in the street by the tree, and an extraterrestrial civilization has entered this tree, its projection, possible on the Earth according to the frequency of the sweep. You touch this tree and get information ...

How extraterrestrial civilizations see man

Extraterrestrial civilizations themselves claim that for each other they look different, often not only in the near-earth space of the subtle plane, but also switch beyond the nodal lattice, the experiment where the project "Earth-Mankind" is deployed.

Also, the person for them looks a little differently, rather than we are used to seeing each other. First of all, they read our field energy: glow, frequency, a unique soul code multiplied by our external energy fields. For them, we are also, conditionally, "glowing balls", because Our external energy is also a field nature.


We differ from each other on a subtle plane in that each person on the Earth has his own rhythmic pattern, a pattern of birth, a development in a dense world. It is at the level of the chest, in the region of the fourth chakra, it also has its projections in the center of the head computer and in our incarnation cell in the Noosphere. Meeting with a person on a subtle plane, extraterrestrial civilization sees it as a ball (oval, etc.), then identifies a unique code of the soul, and then through it gets access to all the information, if it is not closed to civilization.

Also, each civilization has its own unique code, which we call "frequency", we perceive it not in a visual form, but in the frequency range. People who have good "frequency bases" (see 4 point in the scheme of thin bodies) can determine what is beyond their minds in front of them, not focusing on the visual form, color and what extraterrestrial civilization says.

fartran, 15 January 2018

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