Channeling "The Epistle of the Noosphere Teachers on Thef for December-January 2018" fartran

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Channeling "The Epistle of the Noosphere Teachers on Thef for December-January 2018" by fartran

Today is Teachers of the Noosphere with you, through the Thef channel, tune into the streams of bright, clean energies ... feel the streams coming down from above, touching your energy, consciousness, Soul. As from below, a stream rises from the center of the Earth ... And these two streams meet inside of you, harmonize the space inside and around you. Today we would like to talk about the rhythms of December 2017.

But first we would like to synchronize you with the temporal and spatial factors of the Earth. When a person is connected to the temporal and spatial factors of the Earth, he begins to feel the time, the events, begins to pulsate energetically in time with the rhythms, to be in synchronization with the Earth's information field, with temporal components. As a result - it gives the right alignment with the processes, the person ceases to live in isolation from the main processes, becomes sensitive to what is happening, plus time and space factors - it is also a bank-storehouse of energy and information. Prepare to tune in with temporal and spatial factors ... Clear the space around yourself, the energy, tune in to practice. It is better to do this in an audio variant.

We begin the adjustment. Adjust with the streams ... Transfer your attention inward, release thoughts, release excess ... Close your eyes, take a short pause and when you are ready, show yourself the image of the cosmos. Show yourself in outer space, do not rush ... Ask to manifest a time factor, hastening time, a piece of time factor ... ask to manifest space, volume: three-dimensional, four-dimensional, five-dimensional ... Many dimensions. What you are ready for now ... Go to this space, step into it ... feel comfortable in it. In parallel, you and your mind are flowing time, unfolding space. You manifest yourself in space and "hang" in space, you feel how the time and space around you unfolds. Time is in touch with you, the space is touching you. And you feel the rhythms of the Earth. Find the rhythms of December. It is very important to learn to live here and now, to be in harmony with everything that happens to you and around 

Uncover the cosmic consciousness, open the cosmos within you ... and feel the real Earth, the real energies. In contact with the temporal and spatial factors of the Earth, say to yourself: "I am entering December 2017. What will be my December?" Take a pause, equip with the answer .... "What would I like from December?" Take a pause, attune to the answer .... "What would I like to release in December, what goals and objectives does the universe put before me in December 2017?". Take a pause, equip with the answer ....

With what and how do I go in January 2018, in a new calendar year, a new cycle of my life? Take a pause, equip yourself with the answer .... Listen to yourself, shift attention from the temporal and spatial factor inward, feel yourself, answers, understanding. Feel the connection with the Earth and the rhythms. Correctly feeling the rhythm, you can react in time and in space to everything that happens. Time and space, the Earth itself through a single rhythm with you will help you and prompt the necessary.

The processes are not homogeneous at the moment, the Earth still exists in the proposed circumstances, when simultaneously many people are at different levels of consciousness, frequency, knowledge, opinions, energies, levels, respectively, processes for different people, in December 2017 and the subsequent transition to a new calendar year (cycle) will be different. "

- Of the general trends, I would like to note the still accelerating processes in many spheres, when people rush to finish their business, to be as effective as possible, more often than not in fact, therefore, work with space, time and information most often goes in a passionate vein. There will be superficial stories, deceptions, everything that was visible will be revealed. A lot of manipulation occurs with fields, egregors, a lot of conscious and unconscious manipulation. And if you do not control your energy exchange and do not track the processes, then the event will be like "Russian roulette". Outflow, inflow of energy, then again outflow, etc. Unexpected losses or acquisitions. You can give a lot of energy, get tired and do not know the reasons. It is important to understand what processes you are in, it is important to understand what is happening with your relatives, karma of the family, friends, colleagues, the far environment. Try not to get involved in any passionate stories with them, learn to consciously exchange energy, understand what is happening, try to avoid illusions. More than ever, the practice of recruiting energy like pranayama, staying in shavasana, simple meditation in silence, solitude is important at this time.

- In December, it is also important to monitor the processes from the point of view of the information field. A number of programs will enter the retrograde phase, difficulties in working with information, understanding each other are possible, therefore it is important to be careful in communication, in working with papers, with promises, with everything that requires concentration of attention and accuracy.

- In the first half of December, until 15-18, we would recommend the practice of purification, possibly taking austerity. Change the food a little, change the leisure time a little, get rid of excess, do not enter into unnecessary acquisitions, and if you are deprived something, then cleanse your picture of the world and try to understand the causes of what is happening. See your energy and life lines for possible negative, clean it. This is important, as in December an important event will unfold in terms of bioenergyinformatics.

n the last epistle, we mentioned the Novybrsky cleansing of the Earth's information field, when the strata of energy, the spent information flows were dropped. And the next process that will be on Earth is a corridor of new energies in the area of ​​18-25 (20) December numbers, when new, clean energies, a springboard for new accomplishments, will replace the discarded massifs. The energies will be like plasticine, from which everyone will already create his own. Therefore, those who ask themselves "whether there will be another crisis at the end of the year or in the spring," "what are the curiosities of the current processes," all this will depend on how you enter these streams, the corridor. From this will also depend on the events of spring. All the necessary information that it is impossible to build common processes on the Earth, as it was before, manipulate the visible, not the actual, etc. - have already been transferred to Earth, through various minds, curiosities, forces, of different order and frequency. Energy will be transmitted through the corridor for a fairly long time, the entire spatial and temporal factor will pass through this corridor, the Earth and each person, consciously or unconsciously will come into contact with this process.

If we talk about energy practices and conscious synchronization with the corridor, then we would recommend to approach this possibility quite seriously. But first of all, to plan collective, rather than personal practices, as the corridor and flows will be quite high frequency and in personal practice, not everyone can enter into resonance. Through collective practices this will make it easier. It can be mini groups - from 2-5 people. In form it can be simple meditation, attunement with the image of the Earth, also attunement through the sense of time, space (as we did in the beginning, you can include the initial channeling record) and then move on to the image of the corridor that is being built, to isolate the energies that are available for understanding and synchronization ... and enter them. To understand for yourself that you are entering a new time, into new opportunities, and that this corridor and energy, like plasticine: how everyone will see, feel, shape their future and their understanding of themselves, "I", in this vein, Further. After the practice and the energy corridor (generally after the 20th), even for those who did not practice, we would advise to consciously treat what you think about, what you think, what you shape around and how you feel the future. "Thought is material" - this statement will never be actual in December.

The reality will be the way you form it. For example, you see in yourself or in others only negative qualities (a simple example - in a relative), these qualities will only increase in it, at least in the reality and dimensionality that comes in contact with you. Change your attitude, rebuild your perception of a person or process - and you will see how the plot lines, the manifested reality also change.

The possibilities of the influence of human consciousness on the process through a subtle plan will grow every year on Earth. If you develop in a constructive way and control this ability (given by nature), then mass consciousness will eventually learn to form reality, uniting into one, outside the efforts of certain influential groups, the media and other processes.

- Also, in addition to crossing the corridor of December energies, I would also like to recommend practices after the holidays. Traditionally, January 1-2 is the time when karmic rhythms weaken (except for people, for which the scenes are specially built and provided), but massively is a freer, easier time. When people are distracted from thoughts about each other, about problems, about tasks, and so on. This is the most resourceful time, after rest, starting from January 3, we would recommend practices by type of recapitulation. If you are not familiar with the recapitulation, theory and practice is in our archive.

This practice makes it possible to restore order in life lines, restore stagnant energy, and plan new ones. This practice releases blocks in already accomplished events, neutralizes the negative, and also returns energy. We would recommend passing it in personal practice. It is enough to plan the time, to retire, to take a prepared list of those or those whom you would like to reconsider. To show this on the inner screen, enter the storyline and live anew, cleaning these subjects, emotions, returning from there all the most valuable, harmonizing the plot, the event, missing the energy of harmonization. This practice can also build an understanding of what to work with in the new year, what changes and when it is necessary to do, that is, prepare for new rhythms.

In general, the new calendar year will be full of changes and events, it is important to have a large supply of free energy in the psyche, body, vitality, in order to correctly enter the rhythm of the future. We wish you good personal and collective practices, the sacrament of holidays, good New Year's plans, noosphere energies. With you were teachers of the Noosphere, through the intermediary of fartran and the Zef channel, until the meeting in the new year!

accepted fartran, December 05, 2017,
through the Noosphere Teachers

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