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THEF.info - Russian esoteric project, with channeling, research, education, helping people and teaching them various aspects of esoteric knowledge. We talk about the complex - simply, with a soul and creative approach.

Our project was formed at the junction of various sacred, bioenergeneinformation, esoteric schools, various currents, information banks, with the support of the Higher Space Forces (Civilization) of the constructive direction - get the name THEF.info (from the English "the force").

On thef: All the material thef (research, channeling, audio, texts) are in the following sections: "Channeling", "Meditation". 

Project history: Our project was formed in 2006-2010, at the junction of various sacred knowledge about human nature, at a time when there were practically no channeling in the runet, and there was practically no techniques for exits from the body, tuning to the channel, and channeling concepts. Our task was to disclose information from the largest number of forces that were presented at that time, hence the project was called THEF.info (from the English the force - "Forces").

2006-2008 - Initiation of the first channel, the first channeling

2010 - Project launch, site programming. The first channelings were recorded in the recording, the first techniques were taken from the forces, the topology of the open space was revealed, meditations, information on popular topics were transmitted.

2012-2016 - Zef changed his tasks, became a non-public project, focusing on mini focus groups (laboratories), to check the channeling knowledge. Many who studied in the laboratories eventually established their projects.

Since 2017, we began to combine nonpublic studies, training and open channeling

Founder of the project: fartran (Valentine K.) - Russian esoteric, author of the project thef.info, researcher of the thin plan, theorist of bioenergieinformatics, contactee (channeler). Author of out of body methodics and channeling techniques, leading groups and seminars (thef laboratory). For the last 10 years she has taught people energy vision and movement through a subtle plane, channeling, out of body practice. Within the framework of the project: channeling, study of the subtle plan, training of people, counseling. Website creation: design, programming, filling.

From personal preferences: kundalini yoga, runes of the northern tradition, karmic astrology, travel through Southeast Asia, drawing with watercolor, electronic music and classics of cinema.

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Email: fartran@thef.info, skype: thef_info

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This is an automatic translation from Russian. if English is your native language and you want to help with adaptation, we'll be very happy)) (fartran@thef.info)

ченнелинг Зеф  

thef.info (Зеф) - ченнелинговый, эзотерический проект исследований тонкого плана и
скрытых возможностей человека. Мы рассказываем о сложном - просто, с душой и творческим подходом.

Наши цели

Наша цель - помощь людям, передача чистых энергии высших планов через текст, ченнелинг, медитации, техники, творчество, а также системы
консультаций и обучения
эзотерическому знанию в различных направлениях.

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