Esoteric school "Thef" - training bioenergy, technics out of the body, channeling, energy vision, diagnostics

School Thef - russian education internet project, made by fartran, one of the russian esoterics, which is aimed people bring together under the authority of the Higher Teachers - people of different professions, views, inkarnatsionnyh developments that would like to touch the secret knowledge, to look at themselves and their capabilities in new ways. provoditcya training in groups and individually. The basic format of education in Zef - a laboratory. Laboratory - the annual online esoteric school, which is an integral part of our tradition. Laboratories all was 5, with 2010-2016 year. Many of our technicians have since set up their projects.

Now there is a set of 6 in a laboratory. Start Learning - September 2016.
Level: beginners.

Training lasts from three months to a year, every student he adjusts his stay. Usually people come from the ground and slowly, month after month, training in the practices, get all the necessary theory. Training is conducted on weekends, online, on Skype (4 basic classes on Saturdays and morning meditation for the week). The materials and the atmosphere very first lab can be found at the bottom of this page. However, each school, each year is unique, and every year new developments Zef is disclosed in laboratories.

During the year, participants have time to listen to a theory to test technology for all kinds of skills:
- By building a tradition of daily practices that affect the improvement of living (yoga and simple physical practice, pranayama, meditation, energy gain, rejuvenation through extrasensory, building rhythm and the regime of the day)

- To work with personal karma (karmic problem determination on the life, work with the psyche, the removal of negative programs, work with the kind of karma, reincarnation access)

- Disclosure of a thin around the world (from the body of outputs, energy vision, focus on the subtle plane and space search information and power banks for everyday tasks.).

- Techniques for working with personal energy (diagnosis of its power and the people around him, work with energy - the main shell, chakras, subtle bodies work with objects, amulets -. A thin and dense plane). Methods impact on the energy and personal karma - runes, energy codes, Cosmoenergetics, reiki, meditation through the astral, the mental, the regressive method. Collective practice

- The history of esoteric techniques and analysis of the mechanisms and systems that are now in the Land

The structure is different every time, but the frame remains intact. Theory and practice in the balance sheet to help in the way of understanding yourself, the world around, stories and various esoteric practices and systems ... The harmonious co-existence with all that has been created for our Highest Teacher. Laboratory traditionally that year, leading fartran - Zef founder of the project, under the supervision of the Higher Teachers open space and the noosphere.

At the request of course also possible to pass not in the group, and offline, at your own pace, but with the support of teachers. Learn more You can write on

Примеры занятий в лаборатории (архив 1ой лаборатории)

ченнелинг Зеф (Зеф) - ченнелинговый, эзотерический проект исследований тонкого плана и
скрытых возможностей человека. Мы рассказываем о сложном - просто, с душой и творческим подходом.

Наши цели

Наша цель - помощь людям, передача чистых энергии высших планов через текст, ченнелинг, медитации, техники, творчество, а также системы
консультаций и обучения
эзотерическому знанию в различных направлениях.

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