Ченнелинг "Доступность эзотерических практик после 2015 и глубина восприятия информации, квантовый переход" (ченнелинг 2012))

"Случайно" найденный ченнелинг  2012 года, в архиве. Речь про процессы в эзотерике, когда восприятие информации и техник было не таким, как сейчас,  существовала некая инерция в восприятии практик. Также сильно влияла информация про 2012 год, который был несколько другим, нежели передавалось в ченнелингах. Речь про время, когда эзотерическое знание станет более доступным и понятным, 10.01.2012, Учителя Ноосферы

1. Perception of channeled, esoteric information by people. Practices that give the Force and the real application of these practices by people. Three types of perception of information and work with practitioners.
2. Dependence on the society. Deepening people into esoteric processes and the difficulty of correlating with the society and current processes. 2012 and reality.
3. 2015, when the polarization of spirituality-society will begin to subside. A mark when all practitioners, information - their perception and execution will become more accessible and understandable for the average person.
4. Quantum transition and integration of knowledge, ways of development

Q: Hello. Often, I come across the fact that what the forces recommend, books, treatises, is exactly the opposite of what people do. This applies to the lifestyle, food, and way of thinking, it's about the process and, often, it turns out that people think that the information from the forces, techniques and forces is just theoretical information that does not make sense. Because they have their own personality. How to relate to this, and what dynamics will be in this issue?
P: We think we need to group people who receive information. The first group is people who receive information and try to apply this information in their lives and try to do it as much as possible. But in connection with some life circumstances they do not always succeed. All the same, people have a need to follow what they have learned, this information. And in the end they have one goal - to match what they have learned and heard.

The second group of people are people who study exactly as much as it does not contradict their creed attitudes, their sense of comfort, which exists in interaction with the surrounding world. If you have to limit yourself for this for some reason, that is, if you need to make an effort, it will be connected with some deprivation of comfort conditions, it will be some unpleasant sensations, with a desire to remake yourself, to make an effort over something, then this category of people returns to "their own", that is, they choose the way of life to which they are accustomed.

And the third category of people are people who listen for the sake of idle interest - this is a category of people that uses this information for general development and outlook and nothing more. Therefore, it is considered promising to work with the first and second group of people.

Q: The second group, how to deal with it? They still find some arguments and what is stronger than them ...
P: Well, it's a step-by-step process and, of course, we need to try to adapt the techniques for these people, that is, to find motivation and stimulation for these people, so that they still find a lot of useful for themselves and for their development in these techniques, and this useful could (compete) with what gives them social, well, what they have, and when this competition arises, a person begins to compare, analyze and, understanding the advantages of new information, a new way of life, he finds himself in himself overpower and reach a new level of consciousness, p zvitiya. He will move to the first group, which will really try to develop.

Q: Well, Well, the first group is also not very simple, there is also a very large pendulum there, and people try, but then it all happens regressive and progressive processes, and people are also very unstable. And quite a large number of people are at this mark, in diligence, but still at the same time in large regressions, in large stagnations. What to do in this case?
P: Well, that was foreseen. Why? Because the path of human development to awareness, to the development of spirituality will never be easy. Even if a person makes an incredible effort. This is the main grain, that a man must go through many difficulties, a lot of temptations, a lot of obstacles, so that the grain will turn out ...

Q: Why did this happen?

P: Only a person who achieves a spiritual development of a sufficiently high level can get this experience very easily, that is, he has to go through a lot of difficulties, and only then will this experience really be his and he will be really stable. That is, there should be a functional stability of that energy, which is obtained as a result of development. Human energy must be sufficiently resistant to various influences, and accordingly this stability is obtained only in practically overcoming these difficulties, which naturally arise in the process.

Q: Good. Question: Does this time or the current situation of the energy sector of the Earth affect? It's 2012 now. Is it always going to be so hard in terms of energy, or will there still be a time when it will be easier? Or is it just a person's task to cope with their problems, with their own weight of society, with themselves and with karma. Or the time will come when it will be easier?
P: There will be no easy ways. If people think that they can easily achieve good results, they are not so. There can be situations where somewhere, something can be given, if we take the general trend, then, later, it will be easier, because the energy background of the earth will be much higher, cleaner and it will be easier for people to achieve their development.

Q: What is the reason for the relief of the background, and in what years or centuries will this happen?
P: After 2015, the energy network will improve, it will stabilize and many channels of constructive direction will be connected, which will harmoniously influence the development of mankind.

Q: Why is it not possible now to connect these channels, why exactly 2015?

P: Now there is a transition period, and this period until 2015 will be accompanied by various instabilities in the Earth's energy system.

Q: Good. As for 2012, whose initiative was it and how accurate is the information on the Earth's disruptions and transition?
P: The information is correct, but not in the way in which it is covered by people and the significance of this information is too exaggerated.
Q: In this connection, the significance is exaggerated, and why was it built so that in the end the information was distorted?
P: Information has been given to test how humanity reacts to the information that there will be great destruction, so that mankind will have a chance to reconsider values ​​and move on to a constructive path of development, reassessing values ​​and developing oneself in the spiritual plane.

Q: How successful was this experiment? As a percentage.
P: 30%
Q: Was it supposed?
P: 60% -70%
Q: What is the difference in percentage? The real exit, and what was supposed to happen?
P: The information was initially controversial and the interest range was set fairly wide.

Q: Go deeper, there is a lot of information. We need to take it.
P: The way through this information to influence humanity was not initiated by Noosphere, so the Noosphere did not expect big results in a percentage. This method of intimidating humanity, by creating catastrophes and cataclysms, should not have produced more results than it is.

Q: Good. Excuse me, I interrupted you, until the intermediary goes into the canal. Maybe I'm not seeing the situation correctly, I'm just a person who is given the opportunity to lead a small project and do something. But the situation is that now people, having listened to all this, many began to take frivolous attitude to channeling, to the spiritual path, because the methods were chosen incomprehensible, from the point of view of human logic. People come in 2012, many over the last 5-10 years have heard a lot of esoteric information, done a lot of techniques, but in the end they still remain somewhere on their blocks of consciousness, their problems, lack of practice, in connection with their karmic and so on, and there is a great disappointment of people in what is happening, and in the initially incomprehensible alignment of channels. How to deal with this, and what to do with this?

P: Continue to work on yourself, further develop projects. Continue to work actively, despite the fact that you said that there is a category of people who are disappointed, there is a category of people who doubt, because in time such people will be less. There will be more people who will receive a lot for themselves in the new framework of their awareness, their being.
Q: I understand. Now we have moved through the new year, and this power phone is very much felt. Many people go back because they understand that society, social processes are more logical than channeling information, esotericism, constant work on oneself .. You yourself understand that it takes a lot of efforts to achieve results. And a large percentage of people - their experience is that they come back.

P: Now there are deep processes and preparation. The noosphere is making great efforts to deepen the study of people and all mankind and prepare for the processes that will lead to an avalanche-like development of mankind after 2015.
Q: What ways does the Noosphere choose, and what plans does it have to change the situation somehow.
P: Activating people.
Q: In what way?
P: One way is channeling, and egregorial influences.

Q: Which egregores are now those that act through the noosphere, on humanity?
P: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and all the egregorial confessional structures that existed from the beginning and created for the spiritual and moral uplift of mankind. Each egregore performs its function, its task, and it is structured by certain layers of the Noosphere.

Q: What about social processes? A lot of complicated processes occur in power, and with people, and in the city, and with social processes.
P: This is an indicator of the general vector orientation of mankind, it is not necessary to fall into negative associations from interaction with this. This is a test of how much a person can interact with this, enter into an information and energy connection, pass through oneself, but do not let it get caught.

Q: But there are very few people who let it through, without letting it catch on. Most take part in this, in this tightening.
P: What you are saying is the result of an illusory perception of humanity, which means the weakness and dependence of a person on the surrounding society, so much that he can not exist there without any blessings. We have in mind the community of people who live the illusion that their possibilities are limited, and the fact that they can not self-develop.

Q: There is such a problem here that they do not even realize that they are at the peak of these processes. How to deal with this? It turns out a vicious circle, people need to get out of it, but they do not know where to go.
P: They will come out to us.
Q: To whom, to us?
P: In particular, to people who are engaged in your laboratories. And also to individuals who are able to provide a full transfer of their spiritual knowledge and experience.

Q: And to ourselves, how to be?
P: Skip, but do not let me hook.

Q: The daily huge work. Reducing the degree of polarization between society and spirituality. Either society is hard with its laws today, or a spiritual path. Either people work, or they themselves improve. To be able to apply techniques in practice, what the Forces say, the ability to accumulate energy, the ability to skip energy so that the processes do not capture and do not pull out all the forces, have immunity, perform all that is said, meaningfully.

To achieve concrete results in their spiritual, meditative, energy practices. And then these concrete results carry into the world, outward. The main mistake of people, according to the forces, is that people do not apply the bits of information that are in reality. The world is esoteric, the practical world - it is somewhere apart, and the rest of the world, which we see, it is separate. All this is on two parts of the balance and is not balanced.

The essence of the transition is that a person should be more conscious, and therefore defend the adequacy of esoteric knowledge, practice, in reality, carry light and have immunity against the most complex egregores, against the most complex people, against the most complex processes and against the most complex information. And, as soon as everyone can correlate bits of information that are given in practices and techniques with society and get results, then we can say that a very big step will be taken. And the polarity between the open world, which now lives by its own laws, and people who are trying to do something quietly, will begin to subside.

There will be more and more people who will turn to those who have already gone some way, and it has results. I want to wish that each of you meaningfully approached the information, to the practitioners, did not grab for everything at once, but took some one, applied it daily, as a job. Now is not important work to make money, work for social status and career. It is important that you can have your positions, which you have, and prosperity, and society, and career, but at the same time you moved forward and showed people how you can live by your example.

How can you combine the most difficult, how you can maintain strength, health, how you can be a happy person in full employment and in the complexity of processes? How can you connect the unconnected, according to many people. The society with all the immorality, destructivism, the complexity of the egregores and social processes, the value system and what we see every day around, how we can live with this, how we can move in this way, without going over to this side, and being in our spiritual world, in their practices - spirituality and path in social realization.

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