Channeling "The Epistle of the Noosphere Teachers through Zef for February 2018" - fartran

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Channeling "The Epistle of Noosphere Teachers through Zef for February 2018", through the intermediary (channeler) fartran, within the framework of the meeting "Harmonious Man", on February 4, 2018.


Good afternoon friends. With you are the Noosphere Teachers of the 1st, 3rd order through the frequencies and the Zef channel. Before you listen to this message, tune in to the channel ... the flow of clean, light energies. Drop all unnecessary, listen to yourself and to the energy and information that will now come from outside. We would like to talk about the period of February-March, a little about April 2018.

If to speak about February, many of you know that the next corridor of eclipses is unfolding, with a rather uneasy power-line. Many of you already feel it and wonder: "What's going on and what's going to happen next?" Of course, for a person, two eclipses, one after the other, on the one hand, are a difficult test, on the other hand, ultimately - energies that give a strong acceleration and at the exit, quite good opportunities for movement and transformation.

Entering this time, you need to be attentive first of all, to your body of emotions, to the 4th chakra, to the 3rd chakra. Understand that the energies that are unfolding now, they first of all give a very strong load on this sphere. We'll talk a little further, why and why this happens, but in general I want to start with this. Those. quite a strong load goes to the sphere of emotions, to the subconscious. And if somewhere the emotional body of a person is not balanced, or a person has not felt his subconscious for a long time, communication with him, this will manifest itself clearly. There will be a certain chaos in emotions, in the body, impulsiveness, discrepancy of feelings and actions, fatigue, loss of strength. It will seem that they are overloaded with energies, emotions and it is quite difficult to navigate in space and time.

But this is just the time and these programs are included not accidentally and first of all, what is the load - so you have to work. Those. what is the focus, then the scope of development at the moment, and a certain new step for development. The working area is the 4th chakra, the sphere of emotions and the body of experience, respectively, the astral body, the body of experience.

People who are not currently studying 4 chakras that do not feel this trend or are already having problems with the 4 th chakras, orientation to materiality, to matter, to logic, ego, low energy - can feel how their current processes can "lower" the frequencies below. Those. involve in some conflicts, internal or external, materiality, matter, passions, involve in the world of sensuality, density, emotionality. And the right way at this moment with this to interact with everything is simply to understand that working with the 4th chakra and keeping the necessary flow in it, you can transform these energies and not fall lower in frequency.

Those. if a person does not work out the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, then in a natural way, during this difficult time, he will be knocked down in the opposite, opposite side of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd chakra, and the processes will unfold in this direction. Therefore, wherever you are now, at whatever point, the mark is now not there, remember that it's enough just to stay at the level of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th chakras, i.e. the upper energies, the stable consciousness, if only to know about it ... That time moves in this way and can touch the lower energies, passions and so on. And do not go down to this level, continue your movement at the level to which you are accustomed, on the experience to which you are accustomed.

For this you need to be guided by fairly simple energies and well-developed consciousness, you are ready for this, many of you have lived in this for a long time. This, of course, first of all, "energy of acceptance" and "energy of love". Those. eclipses can lower you to low frequencies, to 1st, 2nd, 3rd chakra, and, accordingly, can turn the "energy of love" through the sphere of emotions and show it not in the way you are accustomed to. You can make mistakes in this area, and if you do them, you just need to admit to yourself that you are doing them, develop sustainability and continue your journey as you are accustomed to. Forgetting in the end that there was an eclipse that was a difficult time - the time of these studies will pass, and you will forget about everything ... and the experience that you have received, "stability on the 4th chakra," he will remain with you for a long time, for the rest of his life.

And, accordingly, people who feel and know what the experience of the 4th chakra, for the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and for a long time kept the high frequency, they know about the eclipse, and suddenly feel , that they still fall lower, still they are drawn to the sphere of passions, to the sphere of material, to the sphere of confrontations, to internal conflicts, in which case the third chakra may not be worked out. And in addition to the 4th chakra, the retention of the "energy of love" and stability, we would recommend that you begin with the development of the third chakra, because it is it that provides the stability of consciousness at all upper energies. If the 3rd chakra is not worked, then all energy will go down.

Those. working out the third chakra, working with will, it is with will, with strong-willed qualities, working with the physical body, the "breathing fire", the austerity in nutrition, the strong-willed thinking that strengthens all the energy helps. You can even imagine how a certain clot of energy, personal, your energy is formed at the level of the 3rd chakra, which strengthens the whole body, the bottom and the top and creates a "bridgehead" for keeping those energies, those experiences to which you are accustomed.

Also an additional channel is being developed at this time, which may be of interest to many of you. The channel of training work not only with the sphere of emotions, but also with consciousness and subconsciousness, the ability to combine these two factors. What does this mean?

The fact is that when there is such a big load on the sphere of emotions and the 4th chakra, it also touches the "body of emotions", the "body of experience". Together with the astral body they are close and in a bunch. And as a consequence, much begins to manifest itself from the subconscious area and from those spheres of consciousness with which the person is not quite used to interacting. Especially those who are used to being guided by consciousness, logic, ego, personality, some clearly manifested things, it can even be in esotericism explicitly manifested some facts, energies, etc.

There is a time when the subconscious becomes active, the sphere of emotions is very active and purification of the deep layers of earthly and unearthly experience is underway. And as people face the challenge of learning how to feel in themselves their subconscious and the impulses that come from it.

It often happens that people are divided into two categories, there are those who pay a lot of attention to the conscious life, to the logic, the ego, the manifested things, the left hemisphere, and those who are on the contrary, immersed in the realm of the subconscious, emotions and drifting in some sort of self- then experiences, in finely-material energies. Now, however, the time goes by when both these and other categories of people are taught to combine these two factors.

Those. near-Earth space and the Earth as a whole teach people how to work with the "splits" that initially exist inside them. And many times we talked about the unification of man, his diverse experience and inner construction, as well as the unification of the Earth and Mankind in general. And now there is such a regular sub-step when the Earth and Teachers, and Time, teach a person to unite. At the moment, the sphere of emotions, the connection of the subconscious with consciousness, goes to work.


The fact is that in the subconscious, as such, it is very difficult for a person to move, this is a very deep level, close to the Soul, which is very difficult for a person to realize, to manifest. But by working with the "spiritual principle", by emphasizing that it is, that it is possible, that it is necessary, attention is sharpened and understanding arises, a person finds a connection. He understands in the end that it is important to hear yourself, it is important to hear your body, it is important to hear what the body is saying to you, it is important to hear your inner voice, intuition, to notice the manifestation of some things in your body, mind, thoughts, to see manifestation in life, when something is returned to you through other people, through some circumstances - you need to be very sensitive to this and pay attention to it.

Because often these "impulses" are passed by and not every one of you can feel what is happening. And so there are so many questions: "What's happening to me?", "Why now with me so?", "Do I need to change my job?", "Why do I have a breakdown?", "Why do I have a conflict with that and that and that? ". Those. such a number of questions goes, including, in addition to all the different factors, due to the fact that there is no this active connection with the subconscious.

The human subconscious is very close to the Soul and to the already accumulated human experience, the person himself and the entire collective experience of mankind. As soon as a person takes a step toward his connection of consciousness with the subconscious, he begins to come into contact with this experience. Those. as soon as a person creates this "bridge" (we will do this practice at the end of the channel today) ... as soon as a person takes a step toward the need to listen to oneself, one must hear the true self, one should listen to the "thin voice" subconsciousness, what it shows to you: in words, in actions, in the body, in life (life is a mirror of everything that happens to you) and establishes a connection with it, hypothetical possibilities are immediately opened to the person. Those. "How to go?", "but do I go right, wrong I go?", "and what should I do next?" - it all happens through this connection.

Of course, this relationship is very difficult to form in one month, if we say, for example, about February. But in general, such a trend is launched, and Teachers, information, energy will go such a plan that will teach a person through various sources, including the connection of consciousness and the subconscious. When you can take information out of yourself, from everything that happens to yourself. Put on pause: chaos, thoughts, fragmentation, external influences, internal influences. Through meditation, through some practice, through drawing, through other creativity. Through self-observation, through communication with nature, through many factors, a person learns to "put everything on a pause" and conduct this "bridge to himself and his subconscious."

And in the long run, in the long run, this provides an autopsy of a person's experience, when he was on Earth or outside the Earth, an autopsy of the experience of the collective collective unconscious Earth. Those. Access to it lies precisely through the combination of consciousness and subconsciousness. In everyday life there is access to your many questions that you ask - and you ask them, we will repeat, because you do not hear, you do not have this connection.

And if we talk about more global processes - then in this "bridge", in this connection and balance lies access to the information that many of you are looking for. Those. "The collective memory of earthly experience and extraterrestrial experience," those layers that were previously lived before by different Civilizations, different accumulations, different techniques, practices that, we repeat, many of you are looking for, asking, and so on. They are located in near-earth storages; they are in your same place in your Head Computers.

Those. it is important to understand that you have initially this stuffiness, no one has closed these Vaults from you, no one has closed the information from you about yourself. Those. the natural development of man and the balance of his lower and upper energies, consciousness-subconsciousness and the ability to hear this, and through, including meditation and the listed practices and set a goal ... It gives, in the end, this result. A natural disclosure of abilities, information that many of you are looking for.


For those for whom this known world and for those who understand what is at stake and who already uses information from the collective consciousness or from their earthly experience, you also expect a certain leap in this understanding. Deeper immersion in this all, deeper meaning and understanding that within you are literally stored various dimensions. Those. your Soul, your psyche, your consciousness and subconsciousness, all connected together, through meditation, through practice, through understanding, reveal more and more dimensions.

There is such a word on Earth, "quest". The constant passage of levels, levels, they are endless. Simply then, not only understanding will be revealed, "you need to change your job" or you need "what's wrong with me" and so on, some household issues that you constantly ask ... After these questions, then you will begin to understand "where you live, "" why do you live? "; understanding of earthly experience, then understanding of cosmic experience and so on. Those. every time there is a discovery of a new dimension, and in the long run, a change in consciousness and in the whole person.

A man of the future is not just a person who expects some kind of dimensionality or lives in some kind of dimensionality, has a material body, does not have a material body, it's actually not so important. The man of the future is a person who hears, listens to himself; knows what happens to him, his body, or the lack of a body, his mind, his Soul, and other possible forms. He understands that everything that happens to him, every day, is all including, manifestation from the subconscious and processing by consciousness. Realizes the importance of the two compounds of these factors and leads them to a single denominator, not displacing not one of them. And, accordingly, naturally reveals itself and its potential and those issues that are necessary for it. And inside, then opens a multi-level reality, experience a personal, collective, clear inner voice, an understanding of everything "what are you doing?", "Why are you doing?".


And now, through the heavy transformations of eclipses, it is possible to unite all this and finally enter into it into everything. The canal started in mid-January and will be actively deployed until April.

You need to listen to yourself, look at your body, thoughts, look at your actions, connect them with everything that you do, what you say and understand, understand why you do it. Because many, we repeat, you have this "chaos" here - the subconscious gives through the body, through action, through logic and through desires one, and will, consciousness, ego act differently. Hence there is such a string of unformed energies, supersaturation and other, other factors, with which it's time to sort out.

As for the practitioners, what can help in this matter? The first is, of course, different meditations, with meditations deepening into oneself. You can use meditation and external influence, i.e. tune in to some external energy, high-frequency channels, cosmo-energetic, noospheric, - what you are available, you can use. But often you need to understand that everything is inside. Those. everything is inside of you and you need to try to just disconnect from everything that can interfere. Allocate every day time for these practices. Practices of introspection and self-immersion.

Just the "meditation of silence." Meditation of immersion in yourself, in your inner world, when you begin to contemplate one of the chakras, we recommend doing on the 4th chakra ... or the 5th chakra if you are uncomfortable immersing yourself in the 4th chakra. Also in the Zeph archive there is a meditation called "Finding the truth inside" - this is exactly the meditation that is on this frequency, immersion in oneself.

From domestic practices, things that are worth doing, it is of course, "work with sleep." In general, when there is a big load of strong information energy, especially on the 4th chakra and the "body of experience," the astral body is very much involved. Acceleration of gaining experience and not always a person can receive experience consciously. Therefore, part of the experience goes into the world of sleep, i.e. a person begins to get experience through sleep. And it is recommended now, besides meditations, to give daily attention to sleep. Improve the quality of sleep and, if possible, increase the duration of sleep.

For those who already have it, try a new level. Try "conscious sleep" or "order an answer to a question in a dream", order answers to questions or get some experience in a dream. And also, when you fall asleep, these minutes before going to sleep you can also use them as an additional experience. Visualization of some processes, variations. Beating some situations, the "body of sleep", "body pre-sna" can be used as a "theater for one actor", where you unfold the action, where you and the director, and the actor. And you are working out some spheres, aspects of your life, alternative branches. Alternatively, you lead, alternatively speak, do everything that comes from your emotions, the subconscious. And you work out various variations of what you do not have time to work out in reality, or what your consciousness has superseded ...

For whom it is difficult, you can simply increase the number and quality of sleep, pay attention to it now. A qualitative dream is also a spiritual practice now: it is the accumulation of forces, this is the restoration of the brain, this is the restoration of the "body of emotions", the "body of experience", the 4th chakra as well.

Nutrition, of course, should also be reviewed. Considering the load on the 4th chakra, on the whole the body, try to revise the food, if there is one that emotionally destabilizes you or artificially enters you into emotional, unnecessary conditions.

All people are different, from different levels listen to this information, but one way or another each of you knows that he is emotionally unbalanced. For someone, it can be alcohol, coffee, nicotine or very strong teas. When people accept them, they artificially sway the emotional body and destabilize the emotional sphere. For others, this excessive excess of sugar, excess salt, excess of preservatives in products - also artificially shakes the sphere of emotions, artificially pumps the "body of emotions". The person in the end is either unduly sad, then unnecessarily joyful, then again unduly sad, all this under the influence of excessive sugars, salt, fats, preservatives, fast carbohydrates and so on.

It is also necessary to revise the drinking regime. The lack of water or an overabundance of water, too, greatly affects the scope of emotions, in general, on the body. Because some people do not drink the right amount of clean water at all, counting tea, fruit drinks, juices with water, and the person goes into a dehydration state that puts the body into stress. Some people, on the contrary, drink water uncontrollably, and the body can not absorb excess water, for some people, for example, does not absorb cold water. Also creates a certain stress.

Someone eats too much, someone feeds too little. Try to understand ... connect with yourself, understand if you need to adjust your diet now. But in general, the essence is that we try to modify and make it more blessed, less shaking the sphere of emotions, in general the body. And if you refuse to eat and the means that pump the "body of emotions", you will feel how the unfolding energy unfolds. Peaks of emotions, energy, tied to nutrition, will go from within the body itself. Or from the outside, if you do some practice on external sources.

The body itself and consciousness, as soon as you tell him that "I am restructuring myself and I do not need additional joy, energy," the body will begin to develop these emotions themselves, these needs without external influences. No need for external sources of joy: excessive sugar, fat, fast carbohydrates, for example. If you just give yourself a command, your subconscious, even if you do not know how to do it, "just let it be", start this process. Run, try to understand.

The first time, of course, can be very difficult if you are especially used to such "passionate food" that swings the sphere of emotions. Then a person gets used to, rebuilt to the fact that from the inside you can get everything you need, including emotions, including joy.


Also, what you now have will be manifested - this is something that you may need to part with or transform. Everything that will happen to you now, you have to manifest itself: people, some situations at work, and so on - this is just the sphere of what you need to work with and what you might need to transform and what you often have to part with.

There are a number of people who enter into a certain inertia and get used to living in conflict, get used to living in stress and feel that these are just natural life circumstances. And from February to April, just because you need to clean up your sphere of emotions, your 4th chakra, including consciousness-subconsciousness (this is one complex) - is that this is the deviation from the norm that many now consider the norm, a person can not continue to coexist with this without changing it, being in constant stress.

Accordingly, if you have conflicts, for example, at work, you need to think about changing work or yourself within this process, and the plot will be formed differently. If you have conflicts at home, you need to tackle those conflicts. Otherwise, you can not move on, including, to connect the consciousness with the subconscious.

Those. your consciousness, for example, will want love, light, because it is also in the channeling it said, some transition, but your subconscious will always "rampage", because, for example, you have an unresolved home conflict and this one that's unresolved and lack of communication, it will conflict. The subconscious can not be deceived. The subconscious can not be deceived, and all the body signals, emotions and everything that you get from your subconscious mind is exactly what you need to work with.

Accordingly, conflicts need to be addressed in the external environment, and spend energy on this, spend on this understanding. Somewhere conflicts are solved simply - most go to the level of the 4th chakra, most to keep the energy from the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th chakra. And do not join, do not be a generator of heavy energies and some kind of response reactions. Increase sleep, cleanse the food, adjust your thinking and balance your emotions, and make life right after it.

And somewhere, one has to radically change life circumstances, because the conflict of consciousness and subconsciousness will be farther and farther. Those. will have to admit to themselves in some things, will have to admit to other people, relatives, find harmony, forgive and so on. Either you have to radically change all this, because life will lead you to this, to drastically change some things. And you yourself will feel, your subconscious will tell you what you need to do in order to finally become happy and harmonious.

From practices, in addition to working with the 4th chakra and the "meditation of silence," cleaning up the food and emotions and cleaning out your energy exchange with the world and people in general, so as not to be a generator of some dirty emotions, energies and not swing yourself and others, the practice of forgiveness is also recommended. Very good practice, which cleans energy. It is very simple, it is used in many traditions, in many schools and is very effective.

If you feel a conflict with the world around you, you have problems in the sphere of emotions, your 4th chakra is overloaded, you have some emotional clues, it's natural - start simply by the chain asking for forgiveness and forgiving everything that is built in this chain. For example, to start with the pope, mom, then the relatives will get hooked, then some friends will get caught, then the circumstances ... circumstances can also ask for forgiveness and forgive them. This applies to both living people, and some non-living objects, circumstances, time factor, etc.

But in general, you need to understand that if it's not easy for you now, the lunar and solar eclipse will very soon end and until April there will be powerful enough energy that will once again move you into the transformation. And as we have already said, transformations are endless, each time you will have a new dimension within you, a new "good" or "bad" inside dimensionality, with which you can work in which you can move. Man, this multidimensional being - the soul itself is not 3-dimensional, not static, and not as you feel yourself as a body, not as a life path, linear. It is multidimensional, and where you work with one dimension, then others are revealed and thus the dimensions, dimensionality, dimensions are revealed.

And just in the middle of January, since February this process has been launched, and this is a very fascinating journey: the connection of one's consciousness-subconsciousness, the purging of one's sphere of emotions and the transition to a new more conscious level in this in everything.


Back in February, before we turn to practice, I would like to draw attention to the so-called unfavorable days. Those. favorable in the month more, this is natural, but there are certain days when the Earth is working out its karma when the lower astral is active, when certain structures fulfill their tasks. These days, as we have said, do not always concern everyone, but in general and in general "collective unconscious" becomes more restless, i.e. people can be emotionally prone to some kind of reaction, they can be aggressive, problems can be on the roads, problems with concentration and so on.

Those. these days need to be considered. This is in February the 3rd number, the 8th, 11th, from the 14th to the 15th, 15th, 23rd and 1st, 2nd March. You just need to be careful and try to be reinsured as much as possible these days. Those. once again do not practice, once again do not take any decisions, do not sign any contracts, in general, some kind of domestic life, too, to review these moments, because the potentials are possible. They do not concern all people on Earth, but various unhappy stories are possible.

And let us repeat, the processes we are talking about are launched until April. We will still have Messages in March and April, they will still disclose the current topic from different angles. And now we turn to practice in order to align you with the current time.

from 40:30.

accepted fartran, on February 04, 2018,
through the Noosphere Teachers, all Channel Zef

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